The professionalism of Colorobbia team has always been a hallmark that has made the reliability and competence of the group, elements known and appreciated throughout the world, also thanks to the work of its technicians and designers. With this in mind, Colorobbia creates a working environment of integrated teams always in close collaboration between all subsidiaries. This aspect highlights how the experience and the exchange of know-how within teams are considered essential for the constant improvement of the group and its customers, as well as for the conception of new Proposals that are able to satisfy any specific need of the customer.

A comprehensive and highly qualified Technical assistance service, able to operate with the new digital technologies and more, accompanied also by a continuous presence at customers’ premises, generates a synergy of Purposes, which also affect the most delicate phases of the processes, to achieve a common goal, that is: the Guarantee of the final result.

Next to the customer

The proximity to the customer has always been our mainstay.
Thanks to this closeness we have grown over the years, developing and improving more and more the ceramic support in all its nuances.

An incomparable service for speed and excellence


Careful processing of basic materials

A complete range of inks characterized by high stability and excellent chromatic performance.

Respect for the environment and human health

An added value that makes the offer of Colorobbia Digital Space complete, flexible, efficient and in constant innovation.

Obtaining the finished product

The complete know-how of the production process, starting from the careful preparation of the pigments up to the final ink.