Gruppo Colorobbia, made up of companies working on a worldwide scale, is specialised in the production and distribution of raw materials and semi-finished products for the ceramics and glass industry. The solutions proposed by the  companies of the Group are able to satisfy the entire production process of each sector related to the industrial ceramics. The Group, with headquarters in Italy, Sovigliana Vinci (Florence), operates in 18 Countries and up to now has 28 companies and 2.000 employees (40% in Italy and 60% abroad). Colorobbia started its internationalisation path in the 70s; its global presence has allowed to optimize the productions, to strengthen the vertical integration processes, from raw materials to innovative ceramics, and to provide a widespread technical assistance.

RELIABILITY, SOLIDITY, SERVICE and QUALITY are the main distinguishing features of Colorobbia. Ever since 1921 until the present thousands of Customer have been considering Colorobbia as a reference Partner. Our target is to go on meeting Customers’ needs, no matter where they are. In order to achieve its goal, Colorobbia invests in research, daily, reinforcing its role in an ever-changing technological scenario.

Health and environment

Colorobbia, faithful to its personal and professional commitment to the environment and the people it collaborates with, studies in detail the impact of its products since the very conception of any R&d project.

For this reason, in the selection of the components used, it has always given priority to the use of those that are not toxic or are less dangerous by conducting a traceability study of the origin, and a detailed technical and regulatory analysis of the materials that make up the final product.

All Colorobbia products comply with current national and international regulations and are constantly revised by virtue of regulatory changes in matters of environmental preservation and occupational risk prevention.


For the benefit of all its customers worldwide, Colorobbia cooperates with the main manufacturers of print-heads and digital decoration equipment for ceramics and other related sectors, thus promoting a constant improvement of this technology.

This has allowed Colorobbia to achieve a unique experience, both in materials and decoration processes, which is constantly transferred to its customers.