A series of engobes, glazes and functional materials, specifically designed for “high laydown” digital glazing and studied to meet all customers’ needs and requirements, regardless of the technology used. Main features:

  • Water-based composition
  • Particle size providing excellent performances through out the whole application process (d90 lower than 10 microns)
  • Versatile products, optimized to work in a wide range of kwo online casino new zealand discharge rates (from 200 gr/sqm up to over 1,000 gr/sqm)
  • Suitable for applications with all different digital glazing technologies
  • Wide range of products, covering all market needs in terms of firing temperatures, textures and finishes (glossy or matt).
  • Specially developed for applications both on “full surface” or according to specific patterns (e.g. for giving a relief texture to the tile,