Colorobbia Digital Space is a brand by Colorobbia, comprising a wide range of products for digital application. Colorobbia offers integrated solutions that combine aesthetic design, inks and glazes. With its unique ability to manage both materials and industrial processes, Colorobbia ensures matchless service in terms of speed and excellence. The know-how of the whole production process, from the careful manufacture of pigments to the production of the final ink, and the ongoing commitment to the environment and the health of workers, represent an added value that makes the offer of Colorobbia Digital Space incredibly comprehensive, flexible and efficient. C-INKS The range of pigmented inks: cyan, deep cyan, brown, beige, yellow, pink, green, black. A complete range of inks for digital decoration characterized by a high level of stability and an excellent chromatic performance. C-SHINE The special effect inks: silver and gold. It allows to obtain distinctive and unique colour, texture and surface effects. C-GLAZE The traditional effects inks for digital application: matt, glossy, white, sinking.